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Unlock the power of creative web design and innovative marketing with Dreamweave, the industry's leading agency known for turning dreams into digital masterpieces. Our passion for crafting exceptional online experiences knows no bounds, and our vibrant rainbow branding colours mirror the kaleidoscope of possibilities we bring to every project.

innovative marketing strategies

We don't just think outside the box; we shatter it! Our team of marketing wizards will conjure up captivating campaigns that resonate with your target audience and leave a lasting impression.

bespoke web design

Your website should be as unique as your business. Our talented web artisans will weave a stunning digital tapestry that reflects your brand's personality and captivates your visitors.

rainbow brilliance

Our brand colours symbolise the brilliance of ideas we bring to the table. From the warm embrace of red to the tranquil allure of blue, we'll infuse your project with the entire spectrum of creativity.

data-driven results

We believe in the power of data to guide our strategies. Our approach is backed by insights, ensuring your marketing campaigns and website performance reach new heights.

client-centric approach

Your dreams are our priority. Our team is devoted to understanding your vision, needs, and goals, ensuring that every pixel and word we craft aligns perfectly with your aspirations.

experience meets innovation

With years of experience in the industry, we blend traditional wisdom with cutting-edge trends, providing you with a competitive advantage that pushes boundaries.

full-service solutions

From branding and web design to SEO, social media, and beyond, Dreamweave offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet all your digital needs under one vibrant roof.

unleash your potential

Dreamweave isn't just an agency; we're a catalyst for growth. Watch as your dreams take flight, powered by our expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence.


Welcome to our South Australian based design agency! We specialise in creating dreamy website makeovers, crafting beautiful graphic designs, and delivering powerful marketing boosts. Our creative approach goes beyond the norm as we constantly think outside the box to bring innovation to every project. Let us transform your online presence and elevate your brand to new heights.

about us

Read our story here.Hello, my name is Troy.

I was born and raised in Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula and I moved to the big smoke at the age of 21 to start my career and expand my horizons. I began working as a call centre operator in Adelaide raising funding for various charities by selling lottery tickets and requesting donations.

I soon became the top salesperson in the organisation, breaking sales records from decades earlier.
I was then promoted to the Administrative area of the business where I learned all aspects of how a business and in particular, a charity organisation operates. I then began to take the inititave and utilise my technological skills to refine processes of the business. I was then promoted to Data Analysis and used this time to work on how to curate and segment data to maximise profit.

I was then promoted to Marketing Manager of the entire organisation which came with a huge gamut of responsibility but this just gave me even more motivation. Creativity is my outlet. In this position, I oversaw all design, all publications, all functions and events held by the charity and had significant input on the entirety of the event. From entertainment to table centrepieces.

This brilliant opportunity allowed me to teach myself on the job how best to achieve an organisation's goals as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. I am fortunate to have worked with and even advised some of Australia's most notable leaders, celebrities and remarkably skilled mentors.

I reached the ceiling and there was nowhere else for me to go but CEO (and that scared me) so I decided it was time for me to go even bigger with an international manufacturer, managing the marketing and sales operations of three separate divisions and upgrading their processes, branding, client base, proft margins and reputation.

Then, as it does, life happens and I hit rock bottom. I moved back home to the paradise I once took for granted, Port Lincoln, to heal. I gained employment in several establishments after I had settled back home but was absolutely appalled by the treatment of staff and the lack of regard for their wellbeing regarded as 'normal' by employers. I couldn't allow that to continue. I had gained too much respect for myself on my journey.

I took stock of my career and the skillset I have developed and made the decision to start my own business on May 25th 2022. I am constantly in disbelief at how successful we have been since launching Dreamweave. I can't help but feel like it's luck but I keep being told it is because of hard work, talent and dedication.

I live with my partner, Presten who runs his own Indigenous Australian art business, Painted Studios and our two Jack Russells, Max & Ruby.

our services

Web Design & Development
A website is a vital tool in getting you seen and heard and an important means of legitimising the products or services you provide.

It is the neon-lit 24/7 central hub for customers anywhere, anytime. I think of it as the window into your business.
The way you present and structure your shop window can make a huge difference in the people who want to come inside.

I make what seems to be quite a monumental task as easy as possible for business owners requiring such a necessary part of owning and operating a business.

This package comes with the lot. You tell me what you want your website to do and look like and I will build it for you, fast. Perfect for tech beginners or new business owners, we are your one stop shop to set you up in the online world.
We flick the switch and hand you the controls offering you a completely finished and fully functional product, ready to start making you money while you sleep. Work smarter, not harder.

⦿ Unlimited pages and revisions
⦿ Graphic design and copywriting included
⦿ Contact forms and links
⦿ Service/product showcase
⦿ Google maps directions
⦿ Appointments/bookings system setup
⦿ Payment system setup
⦿ Customer database setup
⦿ Email subscriber/newsletter setup
⦿ Google Business Profile setup
⦿ Professional Business email address setup
⦿ Online shop setup
⦿ Automatic shipping calculator
⦿ Search Engine Optimisation setup
⦿ Custom plugin options available
⦿ Free training provided

Website Maintenance, Updates, Upgrades, Reporting + Support
You will have the option for me to give you a crash course in how to maintain the website backend yourself for free or you can choose to continue to utilise me to look after the technical processes and keep your website up and running smoothly.

You will also get any additional upgrades you need in future (if you want to add another page or install another feature), periodical updates and phone or in person support pretty much around the clock and in a flash. This package also includes Google Business Profile management and Google Analytics reporting services.

⦿ Daily Backups
⦿ Priority Core Updates
⦿ Priority Plugin Updates
⦿ Priority Theme Updates
⦿ WordPress Support
⦿ Maintenance Reports
⦿ Daily Security Scan
⦿ Database Optimisation
⦿ Uptime/Downtime Monitoring
⦿ SEO Rank Tracking
⦿ Performance Benchmarks
⦿ Link Monitoring
⦿ License Management

Graphic & Digital Design
We can create whatever graphic you want in whatever format you need it.

Utilising state of the art tools, we can increase the attraction and potential exposure to your primary demographic with modern trends, stunning imagery, vivid colours and bold calls to action.

⦿ Business Cards & Letterheads
⦿ Brochures & Flyers
⦿ Marketing, Advertisements & Commercials
⦿ Stickers, Posters & Signage
⦿ Infographics & Product Design
⦿ Invitations & Menus

Logo & Branding
A logo can make or break a business.
Get something cutting edge that really stands out from your competition and says who you are. We will work with you to create a new or updated logo design & brand plan until you are ready to seamlessly integrate our complete package within your business.

We provide you with a sparkly finished product in high quality, versatile, transparent files for you to use whenever, wherever, forever. Your website, business cards, merchandise, anything you want.

⦿ Unlimited Revisions
⦿ Customised Icons
⦿ Bold matching fonts
⦿ Colour Themes
⦿ High quality files for use anywhere

Social Media Management & Content Creation
Social media is difficult to manage for most people. Running a business and being time poor makes it even harder. Especially when social media has such a huge impact on your visibility and bottom line.

Paying Facebook to boost your ads often leads to dissapointing results, especially when the post you are boosting has not been perfectly fine-tuned in a multitude of recommended ways.

There are various factors which effect the reach of your social media posts and we know the best ways in order to maximise the reach of your brand with pretty, funny, interesting, relatable and profitable content.

We will ignite your sales with years of Social Media Management Experience and expertise working with multiple brands and dozens of accounts.

If you need a social media post to be created, designed, copywrited, published then pushed across mediums and throughout online community forums or if you just have something that needs to be finessed before sending it out to the masses, just let us know the key points and we will make it look and sound amazing.

Book an individual social media post or book multiple posts scheduled across your preferred dates and times.

⦿ Graphic Design included
⦿ Copywriting available
⦿ Hashtag, keyword & link research
⦿ Group and community Distribution
⦿ Same day requests welcomed
⦿ Reporting services available
⦿ Custom video posts available
⦿ Custom content creation available
⦿ Free Dreamweave promotion with every post
⦿ Proven results
⦿ Watch your views climb higher than ever before
⦿ Targeted ads setup also available

Social Media Setup
We will set you up throughout the social media universe. The proper way.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Google and TikTok.

We provide you with the most effective and professional marketing tools to super charge your online presence. Our premium business account setup includes consistent branding across all platforms ensuring optimal results. Develop interest and build trust between you and your target market, securing lifetime customers.

⦿ Profile, cover, featured images
⦿ Copywriting available
⦿ Keyword & link research
⦿ Complete company showcase
⦿ Business details cleanup
⦿ Consistency across all platforms
⦿ Free template included
⦿ Strengthen your brand

Email Marketing
Emails are the most valuable marketing tool by far. Our businesses have seen significant increases in traffic since utilising bulk email distribution platforms like Mailchimp.

We set you up with a business account, collect and import your email addresses, construct and design the most effective email campaign and send it out to hundreds or even thousands of customers within seconds.

You then have the ability to review the results in real time. Watch as potential customers react to the information, links and images within your email by getting detailed reports on demographics, click activity, opens, views, engagement, online behaviours and most importantly, conversions. These insights will help you to increase your sales and leads.

Our reporting services hold extremely valuable insights which is proven to rapidly increase traffic.

No data? No worries, we can help you find a data broker who can assist in purchasing a list of the most lucrative email addresses.

⦿ Graphic Design included
⦿ Copywriting available
⦿ Keyword & link research
⦿ Same day requests welcomed
⦿ Youtube video embeds available
⦿ Custom content creation available

Video Promotions & Editing
Video is the most consumed media online today. As a result, video is the most profitable form of advertising.

Impress family and friends or wow customers and clients with our captivating feature film grade videos. Jaw dropping video production & editing using the latest technology.

⦿ Audio editing/music selection included
⦿ Overlayed Graphic Design available
⦿ Copywriting available
⦿ Various formats available
⦿ Supercharge your ads today

our reviews

Troy cleaned up the back-end of our website resulting in an immediate increase in sales. I found Troy to be prompt, trustworthy and he explained what work was required in easy to understand language.

He is now working on the front-end and content of the website, I'm looking forward to seeing the results. I can definitely recommend Troy and the team for all your website needs and digital marketing, large or small.

Thank you Troy and Presten for your amazing talk - we were in awe of what you have done in such a short time.

Troy was able to capture the the essence of each business’s brand in undertaking the development of their website. He is quick in getting the job done which inspires trust in this abilities. Troy uses contemporary tools to create his work and the final product is fresh and modern.

Troy shows exceptional dedication to his clients, and has gone above and beyond to provide affordable and much needed digital services and website updates to the people of Port Lincoln. He does all this whilst being professional, personable, kind and friendly. He is an asset to the businesses of the area.

Troy at Dreamweave has brought an energy and vibrancy to our website and social media that has lifted everything. He really got a sense of who we are, what we are about and where we want to go. He then is translating this brilliantly into our online presence in a way that accurately represents us. All of this has been painless and easy. I recommend him highly.

So thankful to Troy at Dreamweave Digital for creating my website. He listened to what I wanted and was very happy to make multiple changes. I'm not particularly tech savvy and probably drove him mad with my questions and lack of understanding but he answered all my queries respectfully and in a way that's easy for the technically challenged to understand. I'm looking forward to seeing my business grow with an online presence.

let's create magic together!

Step into the realm of endless possibilities with Dreamweave. Our creative wizards are ready to breathe life into your ideas and help you achieve digital success like never before. Contact us now, and let's embark on a colourful journey of innovation and achievements!


Port Lincoln, South Australia